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    iTunes/iPhone-Help! Track List and Grouped Album Art not right

    I purchased a 2 disc album from iTunes. I did nothing but click buy. I have not changed any default settings. When viewed under "view grouped with artwork", most tracks are separate instead of being grouped together under one album image. There are a few that are grouped together randomly. For...
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    Musical Mods anyone?

    I was wondering if anyone has made up a Grateful Dead mod set yet? If you have will you please share and post them here? Thanks
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    How to transfer contacts from Nokia phone to iPhone?

    Yes, I am a noobie. I have searched the forums and the FAQ's and have not found the answer that I need. Can someone please help me? I have my sim card contacts from my Nokia on a flash drive. I have Outlook 2007 Prof. version on my PC, running XP. When I went to import the sim card contacts...
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    New to iPhone... Is there any kind of PDA

    or calendar? I must be very tired, but I don't see it. There must be one. Can someone please point this out to me. Thnx
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    Unlocked iPhone from eBay

    I am a current Cingular user with no current contract. I am looking at getting an iPhone. I see them on ebay for a little less than in the stores. Some are unlocked and some are not. What happens if I buy an unlocked iPhone?