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  1. iNinja

    Siri on iPhone 4 possible with jailbreak tweak?

    Does anybody think it will be possible to enable Siri on the iPhone 4 via a jailbreak tweak? In the same way voice control could be enabled on the ipad?
  2. iNinja

    Baby #2!

    Hey all, been MIA around here for a while, things have been a little crazy, we have just found out we are expecting our second child! Whooo, but been busy trying to push through a payrise at work and a bigger house move! Hopefully be around here more often now things are calming down, well, for...
  3. iNinja

    Woman buys iPad made of wood!

    This woman was duped by 2 men in a fast food car park - have a look at the "iPad" she bought!
  4. iNinja

    Is this camera good?

    I am a complete amateur and have never used anything more advanced than my iPhone 4 camera. I am looking at getting into DSLR and am thinking of getting this as a good / cost effective introduction...
  5. iNinja

    Facebook release iPad app - Kinda....

    Facebbok have released an ipad app buried within yesterdays iPhone update....
  6. iNinja

    Help with decision making...

    I have been offered an as new but used iPad 1 16gb WIFI model for £220 and am about to go buy it tonight, however, someone at wotk has just told me about this... Its called an advent Vega (unsure if its been released in the US) and it...
  7. iNinja

    Apple to ban filming of Gigs / live events? This has been reported in a couple of national newspapers here in the UK, sorry if it has been mentioned but a search didn't show anything.
  8. iNinja

    Android / iPhoto question

    Yes, I know this is an iPhone forum and I would probably get a better response on the Android forum, but I don't want to have to set up an account for my girlfriend who may swap back to the iPhone if we cant solve this. I also know there are lots of very intelligent people that come here, and may...
  9. iNinja

    Getting TiVo installed...

    Im in the UK and TiVo hasn't been around for about 10 years now, and its just been relaunched through a cable company "Virgin" and im getting it installed tomorrow. For someone who has never used TiVo before, how is it? I think in the US its used mainstream whereas in the UK its Sky+ instead.
  10. iNinja

    Planking...The latest "craze"

    Have you seen or heard about the latest thing the "kids" are up to these days? Basically you pretend to be a piece of wood. Yup... thats it. The point is to try and do it in the most unusual / funny places whilst your friend takes a picture or video... This seems to me like a giant waste of...
  11. iNinja

    User Titles

    With the new format what are the titles now? Just curious, but even people like Mindi still seem to be new members / Zea lot's and it just seemed strange?
  12. iNinja

    Redsn0w 4.3.3 3GS problem

    I have just updated my 3GS through iTunes to 4.3.3 from 4.3.1 and jailbroke with redsn0w. All seemed to go well, no error mnessages but now when I tap cydia icon it just crashes back to springboard before opening properly. The cydia app still appears to be running in the muti tasking bar but...
  13. iNinja

    Even a gorilla has an iPad before me!

    5 Gorilla's in the UK have been given iPad's in an experiment and amazingly, after 3 weeks not 1 has been broken!
  14. iNinja

    Cydia wont add sources (3GS 4.1.2)

    I have recently had to have my phone swapped at Apple, and now have a replacement 3GS, when I jailbroke it, it already had SHSH blobs saved for previous firmwares (which I thought was odd - but might have nothing to do with this issue). I have restored and tried to jailbreak using different...
  15. iNinja

    US iPad in the UK

    Ok, you wouldn't think I have an A in electronics here, but I really need to know for sure about purchasing a US iPad for use in the UK. I know the voltage difference, and I would need to buy a step down converter so the iPad receives the correct voltage here in the UK when on charge...
  16. iNinja

    4.2 Jailbroken already.

    From the Dev team. Read the entire article 1st
  17. iNinja

    History lesson...

    You have probably heard this before, bit it has just been sent to me via email and I found it interesting! Abraham Lincoln was elected to Congress in 1846. John F. Kennedy was elected to Congress in 1946. Abraham Lincoln was elected President in 1860. John F. Kennedy was elected President in...
  18. iNinja

    Personal favor needed...

    Hi All, Sorry to bother you - my daughter has been entered into a Baby competition to be a little baby model for a retail store called Next, and im on the hunt for votes. It takes literally 30 seconds, and you arent spammed with marketing emails or anything. You don't need a Facebook account...
  19. iNinja

    iPhone 4 Unlock now Official.

    Ultrasn0w 1.0-1 has just been released and unlocks the iPhone 4.
  20. iNinja

    Shocking Dress Sense...

    As the title suggests... lol