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    IOS 9.3 on iPhone now required a SIM card

    If u still use that old iPhone without a SIM card, do not update to 9.3. It now tries to activate and gives message that SIM card is required. This did not happen through 9.2.1
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    iTunes video

    Will my iTunes videos play on wi-fi drives in ios 9 where they won't in iOS 8?
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    Backup to iCloud on IOS 8

    Where is the button to allow one to backup when connected to power? Sent using iCafe app
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    iTunes missing volume control

    On my 3g phone, when I go to preview any song in iTunes, the volume control is NOT displayed. Does anyone else not see it?
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    Update Apps Drains Battery

    This morning I recorded my usage so I could track drainage. Then, on the 3g phone, I updated an app. That was the only activity I had with the phone. Later, I again checked the usage and it was up by 2 hours. I turned the phone off/on and now the usage again looks normal. Does this happen to...
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    Update to app showing as not available?

    I have noticed an update available to the G-Park application dated 7/22. On my iPhone, it says all applications are up to date. I know that from the iPhone I can not re-install the application. So, while I am at work and away from my home iTunes, how can I get the update to download and install?
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    Voice Recorders

    Can anyone recommend a voice recorder app (free or purchase)? One that plays through the speaker would be preferred.
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    1.1.3 new iPod function

    For the 1.1.3 update, while watching a movie, a new feature to display chapters was added. I have tried to do this for a number of movies and do not see the icon displayed to do this. Do I have to reload the movies? Does it only work on certain movies?
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    David Pogue's Book

    Has anyone ordered the David Pogue's Book and received the PDF file? I have been told twice from that the link will be emailed, and still no link has appeared. Has anyone received the PDF file?
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    Calendar Problem

    My calendar was woring fine. Last night I did a sync to my outlook 2003. Now, in month view, every day indicates having an event (period on day) with no events being listed, but, the list and day views are correct. I did a soft reset on the phone, did a forced calendar update from iTunes...
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    Energizer To Go

    I received an email saying that Energizer will NOT have an iPhone version of the To Go cell phone portable charger. I thought that this was a bad businesss decision since it also could be used for the iPod. My wife thinks it is because the power demands of the iPhone is greater that any other...