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  1. skiz420

    How-To fix YouTube on 1.1.1

    If you used the method to jailbreak your phone then you may have noticed that your youtube doesn't work anymore:frown:... Well there is a quick and easy fix that doesn't even require a computer.... all you have to do is add to your installer apps sources...
  2. skiz420

    How-to fix iBrickr+Manaza+iPhonebrowser on 1.1.1

    So i finally made the leap of faith and updated to 1.1.1 and jailbroke my phone with the method... As anyone knows that used the method that the phone wil not work with jailbreak, manaza and iPhonebrowser because you will only see the iTunes control folder and...
  3. skiz420

    Whos Getting There Free Taco?

    In case anyone forgot today is the day for the free taco for america for a stolen base in the world series... so if you are near a taco bell betwen 2pm-5pm stop in and have a taco for nothing....
  4. skiz420

    A Few Things We Need Here

    I would like to propose a couple of things for the forum... first thing would be a quick reply section on the bottom of the postings... that would make things much easier if it can be done on this board... also maybe an iPhone version for the awesomeness of EDGE while on the iPhone itself...
  5. skiz420

    Run OS X IN Windows

    So this may be the way to avoid having to be way behind as far as tools come with the iPhone... seeing how there is a one touch jailbreak for 1.1.1 for the MAC but no conversion for the pc yet... this may be the solution for all of us Winblowz users...
  6. skiz420 is killing me

    it seems that now everytime i install an app since the update that after i install it the phone does not pause and send it back to the lock screen like it normal does... rather it installs and the icon shows up and the app launches... such as the five dice, send it, pretty much...
  7. skiz420

    firmware 1.1.1 is a joke... We'll be free soon enough

    Listen everyone who is at home $h1ting their pants about this stupid little update... Throw a big FU at Apple or most likely att in this case... But thats not gonna change the sitiuation at hand... To many people are acting like this is the end of the world... Take it from someone who has...
  8. skiz420

    hey admins... Quick reply?

    is there any way an admin could enable the quick reply on the fourms... Just thinking one less page to load for when we are on edge
  9. skiz420

    Comcast humor

    anyone who has comcast has seen the slowskys commecials... they have their own website now LOL and there own store for tee shirts and stuff The best thing is this shirt You come...
  10. skiz420

    Free Repair or replacement?

    I want to bring my iPhone down to Apple to have it fixed or repalced... does anyone know if i will be covered? the metal trim on the left side from corner to corner is lifted a little bit... not enough for anything to get in but enough that i can feel a sharp edge on it... its almost sharp...
  11. skiz420

    great deal on Samsung 40" LCD

    if anyone on the east cost is looking for a tv go to circuit city and get yourself the SAM LNT-4042H... normal 1500$ on sale for $999... you can get 10% off for AAA members and you get...
  12. skiz420

    do we need this section anymore?

    since the iPhone has launched do we still need this area of the board?
  13. skiz420

    AT&T Help Numbers

    Here is a list of the AT&T support phone numbers... if anyone has anything to add please do... AT&T (Cingular) Business End User Care 1-800-331-0500 Customer Care 1-800-331-0500 1-866-246-4852 Customer Care (GoPhone Pay As You Go) 800-901-9878 Customer Care (GoPhone Pick Your Plan)...
  14. skiz420

    Were is the address book?

    i wish they had integrated the address book into the email app... i don't have contacts for all the people i email and i still use my computer for email a lot so if they could have it integrate your email address book from gmail for example like i use it would save me a lot of time from having to...
  15. skiz420

    Get your YouTube back

    For everyone that activated there phones without the normal iTunes activation there is a way to get it working again... im testing it right now and i will let you know how it turns out
  16. skiz420

    anyone sholder hold there iPhone?

    that's the one thing I have noticed... I am a lot more conciois about my phone than any other phone.... And its not because its $600 because I have had a few $500 phones before... But I am very aware with this phone... I never hold it with my sholder while I'm doing other things... I don't know...
  17. skiz420

    Weird activation problem

    HELP! Weird activation problem I got my iPhone used from someone on craigslist... The phone still had an activated sim card in it... I went to att and got a new sim... When I put it in and connected it to iTunes I got an error that this phone was not able to be activated for service.... So I...