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  1. Ledsteplin

    Has Anyone Purchased A HomePod?

    Don't you have an Unsee button?
  2. Ledsteplin

    Disable need to lift iPhone to turn off alarm

    Try Reset All Settings before you restore.
  3. Ledsteplin

    Find my Friends iOS 12.2.6

    Be sure location services are on for Find My friends. You might also try signing out of iCloud, then back in.
  4. Ledsteplin

    So I did it.... ATT thought I was crazy

    You may get one later this year if rumors hold up. A 6.5" X style iPhone. It would be like having an 8 Plus with edge to edge screen, no bezels.
  5. Ledsteplin

    Disable need to lift iPhone to turn off alarm

    I'm on iOS 10.1.1. I never noticed that. But I usually pick up my phone to dismiss an alert anyway.
  6. Ledsteplin

    Who's Buying a HomePod?

    I haven't taken an interest in one. I'm not sure I need it. I'm taking a back seat to the early adopters on this. Be sure to post a review.
  7. Ledsteplin

    How to recover deleted pictures from iPhone

    If you deleted your photos from your device, then they would no longer be in iCloud if a back up was done after the deletion. If you remember the email address used for your Apple ID, you can reset the password. Forgot ID Forgot Passcode...
  8. Ledsteplin

    Free App to type faster on 5s

    I use SwiftKey as my default keyboard. I use the predictive word method, rather than swipe. Swipe never worked well for my fat fingers. But many do like it. I like the ability to delete words or non words from the SwiftKey keyboard dictionary. I have no idea which keyboard is the fastest...
  9. Ledsteplin

    Yahoo mail

    Yahoo seems to have had a lot of issues lately. Do you have other email accounts? If so, do they do the same way? It could be an issue on Yahoo's end.
  10. Ledsteplin

    Phone not showing contact

    I don't have a clue. You might reach out to Apple Support. They might know what the issue is. Apple Support Website Apple Support Number: (800) 275-2273
  11. Ledsteplin

    Phone not showing contact

    If her number is the same, it shouldn't matter. Nothing on your end would have changed. Where does it say, "not in your contacts"?
  12. Ledsteplin

    Phone not showing contact

    In her contacts, or yours? If she doesn't see her own, she needs to go to settings > Contacts > Tap my info> scroll to users name and tap it.
  13. Ledsteplin

    Where did the forum go?

    What issues do you have with using Tapatalk? I have the iCafe app, but use TapaTalk because I have several other forums I visit, and they're all in one place. I also prefer the dark theme option. But TapaTalk works great. It's really not that different from the iCafe app.
  14. Ledsteplin

    Where did the forum go?

    Thanks, Chris! Working great on TapaTalk as well as the iCafe app.
  15. Ledsteplin

    Where did the forum go?

    Does anyone know why the forum no longer works on TapaTalk and the iCafe app?
  16. Ledsteplin

    The Battery controversy and solution

    When plugged in, it no longer uses the phone's battery. So it's probably not slowed down then. The slow down isn't that noticeable. It's the same affect as when you have Low Power mode on.
  17. Ledsteplin

    Where did the forum go?

    I got that too. But the tabs showed after I logged in.
  18. Ledsteplin

    Where did the forum go?

    I no longer see iCafe in TapaTalk and nothing shows in the iCafe app.
  19. Ledsteplin

    Who uses Apple Pay? I'm confused.

    You can check a specific business for Pay acceptance in Apple Maps. Enter the name, then scroll down.
  20. Ledsteplin

    Freeware to backup messages and imessages from iphone

    There's one called Anytrans that might be suitable for your needs. It's not free. Disclaimer: I've never used this and have no idea if it's safe.