1.1.2 help!


Nov 27, 2007
Hello everyone,
I am from India and i just upgraded to 1.1.2 this evening...I installed iWorld and selected India in the list...I also selected India in the international menu on the iPhone...Now the problem is that whenver i receive a call the number(of the caller) is without the country code and when i receive a message, the number(of the sender) is with the country code(+91 in my case)...So i can see the contact's name either in the calls list or message list depending on whether i have stored their number with the country code or without it..(for eg: if i have stored a person's number without the country code then i can see his name when he calls me but i get only his phone number with the country code when he messages me)...This is really bothering me as it's difficult to make out who is calling or messaging....
And the weirdest thing is that the 3rd party apps calld and smsd work flawlessly without the above problem...They both show the name of the contact irrespective of what the contact is stored as...
I really need to get this sorted so pls help guys....Any idea what i can do?
Thank you..