1.1.3 working more smoothly?


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Sep 5, 2007
....or is it just me?

So I've noticed that when i'm opening an SMS conversation, I no longer see a hesitation with the black screen before it brings up the conversation. I've seen this when opening a new page in Safari and also in general when going back to the home screen from any applications.

For me these issues didn't start happening until we got 1.1.2, but appear to have been addressed with the new update. And for THAT, I really love this update. I was having apps crash left and right with 1.1.2, but has worked flawlessly for the past day......


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Jul 22, 2007
Stevenson Ranch
Overall it does seem smoother for me as well. I wish that Apple would publish a complete list of all bug / enhancments with each update.

When you updated, it listed them all before you hit to con't.

Usually Apple posts on their website the info.

I also received an email from Apple yesterday telling all about the update.