1.1.4 GBA Autosave? Sorry if I missed this

Sep 29, 2007
Sorry I have been quite busy and did a quick 5 min google search and on here and I have no seen if there is a way to get auto save for gba roms on 1.1.4 iPhone firmware. I can get Roms to play on it fine but saving is a different story..

At our school we are having a pokemon tournament (we have nothing better to do for a club to get people to join) and sure having a lot of pokemon ROM's on a touch phone is by far the coolest out of anyone there but not being able to save helps..

Hah yes I am in high school so I guess I am kinda old for this but the entire school is doing it because Pokemon was the coolest thing ever when all of us were little.


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Aug 6, 2007
I think Zodttd has a "NO-ROBOTS" rule set on his forum so google can't spider it, because he's got the fix posted there. I'm on my iPhone and I can't copy/paste the url or how to do it, so just head to: http://zodttd.com and visit his GBA forum. He's got a sticky on how to get your emulator running up to snuff.


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Mar 3, 2008
ssh (winscp) into your iPhone/touch, in toolbar, pull down command, click on open terminal, click "ok", cut and paste this into the bar "[FONT=&quot]chown -hR mobile /var/mobile", but do not paste the quotation marks, click execute, and you are done. Now all of your games will save. When putting new emulators or adding more games, you might have to do it again for those games. don't forget to give thanks.[/FONT]