1.sync question 2.video adding question

Oct 12, 2007
OK , my girlfriend and i both have the iPhone and my roommate has a ipod and we all have our own computers with our own music movies etc.

Is there away to sync my iPhone to my buddies iTunes without having to erase all the data in my phone at the same time ...

he has the season of robot chicken that i want on my iPhone .

Ok my second question if i want to convert a dvd movie and add it to my iPhone to take with me on a trip , or while i have to wait at a dr's office what is the best / easiest way to do that .. i have tried several ways and they don't seem to work correctly. the best one i was able to do had very low sound and no voices and the darn subtitles are they and there annoying .


Jul 13, 2007
Can't really speak towards #1 other then to say that I transfer things btw computers via burned dvd or a USB thumb style drive at home.

For the second you need to give a little more info (free vs cost, Win vs. Mac). I am on Windows XP and use this on my box:

That has worked perfectly and lets you crop like you want, and do whatever you need with audio and quality levels to get a file the size you want.


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Jul 31, 2007
Fort Knox, KY area
I don't think there's a way to sync with your buddys iTunes, I would just get whatever files from him and put it into your computer using a thumdrive(usb ram drive).
Far as putting movies and what not, You could use AnyDVD (strips off copy protection) along with CloneDVDmobile, both from slysoft. (www.slysoft.com)
AnyDVD just sits in the background on your computer, but these 2 pieces of software you have to buy, but my personal opinion is that its worth the cost. Once you pay/register with them Keep your keys they give you in a safe place, and you get free updates for life. Not to mention the software is really easy to use.
They offer other usefull software as well, but wont go into that, just check out their website.

Sorry to post a commercial link on here all, just think it's a very good and usefull software without having to use several different pieces of software to get to a end point.

Hope it helps out!
Oct 12, 2007
Well i am running on a Pc and id like a free program at best

Everytime i copy a dvd to the ipod with dvdfab and iTunes the words don't match up . the audio is off really bad.