$19.99 Apps? Could Be


Jan 21, 2008
Copenhagen, Denmark
$19,99 for a game..fair..$19,99 for a great/professional businesss or productive application - YES! I have to admit that I'm not that big fan of games - sure I play some, but I rather need some top businesss, travel, productive etc. apps.

The funny thing is when looking at AppStore "Hot" - it's nearly only games...I'll guess over 2/3 of all iPhone user are players, and businesss, designers, travelers or some like that!? ;)

Thumbs up for "Premium apps" - both games and others.


New Member
Feb 3, 2009
Rumor has it that Apple will be opening a premium $19.99 games section in the App Store. This section will only be limited to "large publishers".

Hmmm .... thinking EA Mobile's Need For Speed might be one of the first apps in this section?
I hope that if this is true, they don't limit the definition of "large publisher" too much. Since a fledgling company could probably make a worthy application or game, it'd be disappointing if Apple were to limit it's distribution to only the current large producers.

Considering the costs involved with distribution and advertising in the mainstream market, a newer company would probably be able to invest more in their actual application if it were distributed on the Application Store. It seems wasteful to only make that service available to companies that can already afford to advertise their product.