2 Exchange accounts on iPhone - change "from" on e-mails


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Aug 8, 2010
really need help on this complicated issue.
I have 2 exchange accounts set-up on my iPhone5.
1. johndoe@abc-company. - this account receives e-mail from this address and also receives forwarded e-mail from the 2nd account(below)
2. sales@NEWcompany - this account does not actually receive any mail in the in box, it is set up as a group distribution to others in the NEWcompany.

on iPhone, I have enabled view of combined 2 inboxes. my default account is johndoe@abc-company. but when i receive in an e-mail which i know was sent to the "sales@NEWcompany", i would like to reply, and change the "FROM" as coming from NEWcompany address.

I am able to do this in outlook for mac 2011 (and was also able to do this in outlook on PC), but would like to do same from my iPhone.


Jun 30, 2007
when composing your email reply. You'll see the address it's sending from. If you tap that. It will bring up a list of valid email addresses on the phone. Then just select the one you want. I run 2 exchanges myself, along with my Mobile Me. I change the email I'm sending from all the time.
Jul 13, 2011
If you have two mail Exchange accounts set up on your iPhone there should appear an option called "Default Account" under Mail in Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Just tap "Default Account" and select the appropriate email account.

I think this should bring your default "From" to your desired address.