2016 MacBook Pro Speaker Issue—Apple recommends: "Do not use Windows on BootCamp"


Dec 7, 2011
Miami, Florida

Here is one user’s experience:

“When the controller plugged in I heard a horrible popping sound that I thought was coming out of my external drive but it was in fact coming out of the Macbook's speakers. My right side speaker is now completely blown out and distorted. This is definitely a permanent hardware failure and will require a replacement.. I'll be speaking with an Apple support rep on Friday.”​

Apple’s only suggestions at the moment:
  • Do not use Windows on BootCamp until an official fix is released
  • Use Parallels or similar software instead BootCamp if you need to run Windows software
@Europa, you should probably warn your brother about this, just in case he gets the urge to run Windows using BootCamp. I know he paid handsomely for his machine.

Update: Apple has released a software patch to prevent the speakers from exploding while using Windows on BootCamp.
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