3G iPhone awesome when jb'd


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Nov 12, 2008
Just a wanted to give a shout & thank everyone on this board for there post about jailbreak. I belong to several message boards and rarely post. But I do look at others especially when it is something i am trying to figure out. Had my 3G about 2 weeks, switch from sprint blackberry pearl. Long story short sprint had zero bars at my house, full signal 3 blaocks in any direction and they didn't give a s... Pearl was great waited on the iPhone until it would sync better with my work outlook. Thought 3G was really great, annoyed by a few things like ringtones, and alert sounds. Figured out real fast how to make ringtones for it (I have always made my own for all my phones) but couldn't do alert sounds. learn about jbing, read hundred of horror stories and was to scared to try it. The post that tip me was the one with London and some struggles and saw the support he got and right then decided to do it. Everything went awesome except the restore file downloaded to me as a zipped file with no ipsw file in it, I didn't know how to make it work, found a post where someone said to simply change the extension from zip to .ipsw and it worked. the when i started quickpwn it wouldn't start. Found another post had to update microsoft framework net file. Then it loaded everything went great. after the the jb the phone is awesome the availability of apps is unbelievable.
I know this is long bit but I would have still been wishing I dared to try it. For a nontechy like myself to be able to do this is amazing to myself. But seming how many people jumped in to help london, I knew that when (not if is how I thought) I screwed something up this board would get me through it. In a world where most people only care about themselves how refreshing it is to see so many helping one and all being excited to be of help. Oh and the Tonefxs file for changing alert sounds is for a must have, much easier then changing the file to a .caf and changing the name.
Other then that my sig says it all.


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Oct 17, 2008
San Diego
I feel the same way. I was initially hesitant to JB my phone. But after reading the great threads by the members of this forum I felt confident enough to go for it. I love having my phone jailbroken and haven't looked back. I give EIC and it's members a big thumbs up.