3G iPhone in use drains faster that it can charge


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Jan 23, 2009
Port Elizabeth, South Africa
3G iPhone in use drains faster than it can charge

I have the 16GB 3G iPhone. I have unlocked and "Jailbreak'ed" it. I have loaded Addition's iPhoneModem2 and am using it as my 3G modem for my laptop. It works like a charm with the exception of battery usage. Here's the snag:
The modem software on the laptop connects to the iPhone via WiFi and then ports all traffic through the iPhone's 3G signal. Wonderful. Only problem is that I cannot use it for longer than a couple of hours due to battery life. Even plugged into mains power it drains faster than it can charge. It's almost like it does not charge at all while using the modem (WiFi and 3G). I have very recently contacted Addition and asked for their advice to see if its a known issue with their software but I was wondering if this could be a hardware / power issue instead?

Is it possible that there could be a work around? Could these services REALLY be draining more power than the mains can charge? Seems ridiculous!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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Jan 18, 2009
Well since the application is not from Apple nor is it recommended to jailbreak your iPhone so it is most likely the service.