3G Not working - Safari errors, nothing loads

Discussion in 'iPhone 3G' started by GridX, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. GridX

    GridX New Member

    Hi Guys,

    My 3G network does not seem to be working anymore. I cant use the 3g network to update weather, google maps or stocks. Nothing loads anymore. THis has been happening all of a sudden. It used to work fine. I tried all over the city and same thing.

    I also get this error in safari when trying to load www.google.com

    KCFError Domain CFNetwork error 302 in safari, all of a sudden while trying to use the 3g network. I have searched on google but no help or solutions. There are others with this problem and they have not found a solution yet.

    Any ideas as to what is going on and how to fix this? If I restore the 3g iPhone will it erase all my settings, phone numbers and apps?(and settings inside the apps)?

    FYI 3G notworking but opening safari over wi-fi works flawlessly. It is only the 3G.
  2. Ace4261991

    Ace4261991 New Member

    sounds like you need to restore. as long as you back up your phone on iTunes before restoring everything will be restored back to the phone and you will not loose anything you will just need to put your songs back on from iTunes
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  4. aenti

    aenti Zealot

    Why would you need to restore? I recommend you ask for help at Apple store.
  5. Ace4261991

    Ace4261991 New Member

    well hes getting errors with his 3g network which once worked before. why would he go drive to an apple store (not close to home for most of us) before trying a simple restore that would probably fix his issues. if the restore didnt work then that would be the next step in the process then going to apple will be necessary. thats all theyre going to do at the apple store is restore it and if it doesnt work then give him a replacement. so why not skip the drive to an apple store all together?
  6. aenti

    aenti Zealot

    Calm down there chief.
    If the 3g stopped working, I would have expected the 3g radio to be at fault. A source of hardware. Not software.
    A restore is the typical answer everyone here at EIC uses. It won't always solve everything, and it shouldn't be provided if you don't know the actual answer.
    And he doesn't have to drive to an Apple store (which you say isn't close to home for most of us, don't refer to you as most of us). You can call.
    Last, you cannot make the assumption Apple will just restore the phone. Restore what? There is no back-up of his phone at the Apple, so what would they be restoring? Apple's tech support does not consist of a restore.

    I stand by my decision, and best of luck to the OP.
  7. Ace4261991

    Ace4261991 New Member

    i didnt mean to come of as i seemd. sorry, but i was trying to say what does it hurt to restore? you dont know if its a hardware issue or software issue until you restore . if the problem still occurs after then its a hardware issue. i just dont get why you wouldnt try a restore. when you call them the first thing they'll ask is "have you tried rebooting or restoring?" and i wasn't referring to me when i said most of us i was reffering to most post here on eic. as you know theyre arent many apple stores, they arent like walmarts or At&T stores. how many apple stores are in resonable driving distance to you? considering gas prices these days.
  8. dturner

    dturner Zealot

    I would try to reset the network settings.
    Settings-General-Reset-Reset Network Settings.
  9. GridX

    GridX New Member

    I actually was coming back here because I figured out a solution that worked and here it is the solution already posted.

    I was updating and trying a few things to fix it, the only thing that worked was reset network settings. 3G seems to be working now. Do you know what may have caused these settings to go out of whack? (onlything I can think of is last time i was using the 3g network was when I was listening to internet radio using the NullRiver internet radio app (best app by the way). Then next time I use the 3G network this happened... could it be the NullRiver app screwing with the 3g network settings?
  10. Ace4261991

    Ace4261991 New Member

    well there you go. i didnt even know you could reset network settings lol. but i think it was just a random software issue that, unles it occurs again, you should not worry about. didnt even know nullriver had an internet radio app thanks! :laugh2: aww man its 5.99 and im out of iTunes store credit lol
  11. sprintrjm

    sprintrjm New Member

    why not restore?

    Lets say its 3am, your iPhone is ipucking up, why not try a restore as a last option before you sit on the phone chatting with apple help. I know restore is not a do all bandage, but damm, your holyer than thou attitude seems more rude than helpful.

    Then if that easy, self help method does not work, then you can save time with the apple tech by telling them that yes, you have tried to restore with no luck.
  12. jarofclay73

    jarofclay73 Zealot

    So you got a jailbroken iPhone 3G? Jailbreaking has unintended side effects...
  13. Ace4261991

    Ace4261991 New Member

    i dont think he said anything about it being jailbroken
  14. GridX

    GridX New Member

    No not jail broken, 100% legit, (Roger's Customer) with 6gig data plan. No need for jail breaking... dont want to just yet that is, might want to change some theme settings when they come out, icons etc... but no need to jail break just yet.

    I will be monitoring the NullRiver app to see if it does mess with the network settings. Hope not though, it is a great app, I can listen to all my favorite music and genres anywhere the 3G network allowes it and there is no jitter in the stream... fantastic app!
  15. redivy24

    redivy24 New Member

    3g problems persisting...

    I just ran across your issue while trying to fix my problem, which is similar. My 3g was working flawlessly for the first month but suddenly I started getting errors saying safari could not open because the server stopped responding. Email wouldn't load etc...I took it to an apple store before I was aware that I could reset network settings. The tech there finally figured out he should reset the settings and empty my cache. 3g seemed to be restored and it worked fine again. This was 3 days ago but now I am getting the same errors as before. The guy at apple said if it persisted to do a restore and if still a problem to bring in for a replacement. Just thought I'd throw in my two cents.
  16. zzback

    zzback New Member

    dude, i've got the exact problem you have, and tried the " reset network setting " but mine"s still acting up on me damm!
    anyways, glad to know that yours is working fine now


  17. Stephtef

    Stephtef New Member

    My 3G stopped working and it's a brand new phone, got it sent out to me today to replace my other iPhone as it wasn't working. I have reset all my settings and it still doesn't work, please help
  18. RoofMonkey

    RoofMonkey Genius

    Where did you get a 'brand new iPhone 3G' from?
  19. Scooba Steveo

    Scooba Steveo New Member

    I was compelled to sign up for EE for 2 reasons.
    1. My 3G stopped working and found this page/site through google and this will come in handy in the future.
    2. I didn't think ACE was being rude or coming across anymore disatified than I am, considering this issue is still occurring 5 Years later. Not including my frustration with the power button inoperable.
    2a. Leave at least 20% tips at lunch time if they do whats expected, be happy, don't bully, brush your teeth, and wear deodorant. If your 3G doesn't work still, I'll give u $3G. Disregard (2a).

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