3G pricing if you've lost or sold your phone

Aug 4, 2007
Bay Area California
Greetings all knowing Icafe'ers,
Does anyone know if you will qualify for the "special" pricing for the new 3G phone if your plan no longer reflects iPhone ownership?
From what I've read you either need to be eligible for an upgrade, own an iPhone already or be new to ATT.
Its been 5 days since I lost my phone and while I'm anxiously counting down the days and minutes to July 11th I've only budgeted $300 for the new 3G . I've spoken to ATT 3 times and I get a different answer every time. I truly believe they use monkeys to train their customer service reps.:) Ok, that was harsh, but I'm very frustrated that I can't get a straight answer.
Any thoughts?
Special note to the person that has my iPhone. I no longer wish rectal bleeding, urinary incontinence or lifelong texting on a razor. I've moved on, I'm not bitter anymore.......much


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Jul 10, 2007
Philly Burbs
If you still have the iPhone plan on your account, you should be eligible. Go check your account online. It should tell you if you're eligible or not. I've seen threads on here and other boards that AT&T has gone through all the iPhone accounts and set them as eligible.



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Dec 30, 2007
Im in the same boat as you...WELL NOT REALLY!

I want to sell my current iPhone and use the money to buy the new iPhone, but I have holding cause I don't want to be without my beloved toy. SOOO I was gonna wait until the day before to sell on craigslist, but NOT remove the iPhone plan I have now. Does this make sense? Think I will be ok? Im sure they wont ask to see my current phone, or will they?