3G screen randomly fried itself


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Dec 25, 2008
So check this out,

I was talking to family over the holidays today when I felt my iPhone vibrate - like it does when it receives a text message - and I pulled it out and got treated to a screen with nothing but a bunch of vertical lines through a mostly blue screen. Anybody seen this before? It wont respond to touch, won't respond to a restart, and doesn't change after a restore. The hard drive evidently still works because I was able to back it up (thank god) to my new computer after this happened and iTunes recognized everything on the device. Sorry the attached picture is so terrible. I think I might be jinxed with iPhones... this is my first 3G, purchased right when it came out, but before that I literally had 5 different first-gen iPhones that died for various reasons, all of them hardware meltdown related. Thankfully this one is still under warranty, otherwise I'd be furious and making a scene at the Apple store (again).


Jun 23, 2008
Honolulu, Hawaii
Sorry to see that dude. I've had some panic-filled moments with my 3G but luckily I've been able to resolve all of them without resorting to the warranty. I hear the refurbs they give out are pretty solid.


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Mar 21, 2008
8 mile
yah, take it back and get a refurb and if anything happens to that, take it back again. hell i even dropped my V1 iPhone and broke the screen (no visible physical damage but the top part of the touch screen no longer responded) and they replaced it no questions asked.