3G shows 'No service@ after jailbroken


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Dec 3, 2010
Plymouth UK
Hi Guys, Im new here so please bear with me.
Im in UK and my iPhone 3G worked fine with O2 sim card, but I want to use it in Asia so needed to unlock it
My 3G had version 4.1 on it so I found a website that claims to unlock any iPhone with any version, so I downloaded (and paid) for software from automaticiPhoneunlocker.com only to find that the unlocking software for my version (4.1) could only be done on a Mac (mine is pc) However, they have pc software for version 4.0. I tried the version nearest to mine but it didn't work (cant remember what that was)
So then I decided to first downgrade to version 4.0 which was successful and then tried the automatic unlocking software again. This time it went like a dream until it got as far as loading Cydia, but there also clear instructions on how to get around that. Once the process was completed I was presented with a message "You should now be able to use the sim of your choice" so I tried a Vodafone UK sim, and guess what? No signal! Nothing! It just keeps on searching and saying "No service". I also tried the original O2 sim and got the same, no service, although it worked fine before the jailbreak.
If I go to Settings>general>network>mobile data network it shows all the correct details of whichever sim I put in there, and Ive tried a network reset. Its just that it wont transmit or receive from the sim.

Everything else seems to be normal, wifi and bluetooth are working ok and all my icons are present. The phone was restored by iTunes to 'as new' before the jailbreak with nothing else on there.
Have I done something wrong here? I tried a hard reset and now Im stuck with a phone that I cant use.
Also what will happen if I connect to iTunes to restore the back up? Will it just restore photos, contacts and tunes, or will it also restore the version which I had before?(4.01) and will restoring the back up undo the jailbreak? If so I will be back to square one again.
Any ideas please?


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Jun 17, 2010
I'm not great with this, but you should check out http://jailbreakmatrix.com. It has a lot of tutorials and videos with information on how to jailbreak/unlock.

This chart shows you what can be jailbroken/unlocked and gives links to the appropriate software and tutorials: http://jailbreakmatrix.com/iphone-iPod touch-Jailbreak#iPhone3G

Depending on your baseband, you might need to upgrade to 4.2.1 in order to complete the unlock, but don't quote me on that.