3GS acting sketchy


Aug 18, 2009
Lafayette, La
I've only had a 3Gs for about two weeks now. About four days ago it started acting a little sketchy. Safari would just randomly crash as well as a couple other apps. Yesterday, I missed several calls in an area that has great service (3G) and I've never had problems before. Last night, it locked and all that would come on was a lightish full white screen. It wouldn't turn off and only reset when I pulled the Sim card out. Is this normal for a iPhone, do they need to be completely reset every few days? Are they prone to viruses, from ughmmm.... questionable sites? If this phone is bad, I want to swap it out before my 30 day period is up. Thanks
if restoring it doesn't work, take it to Apple. (or call Apple care and send it to them if you're not close to a store.) they'll run it on their program to see if it's working correctly. if not, they'll swap it right out for a new one. they're really good about it.