4.2.1 Deleted email keeps coming back?

Discussion in 'iOS Software' started by RickL, Nov 23, 2010.

  1. RickL

    RickL Member

    Updated my girls phone to 4.2.1. When she deletes her email and closed the app, then later checks the email all the stuff she deleted is back? Anyone else experiencing this? Is there a fix or do we haft to wait for Mr Job's? :(
  2. Redd3202

    Redd3202 New Member

    This has happened to me from time to time. Hasn't happened in a very long time. I got it to stop by deleting my email account and reinstalling it. Good luck.
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  4. That has happened to me from time to time since I owned my first iPhone (2G).
  5. RickL

    RickL Member

    Yeah it's weird. I set up a gmail account for her and and had her old email address forward it to the gmail address. There was a small onslaunt of months old deleted email that came then it just stopped. Good for now.... but really weird.
  6. snurblet

    snurblet Member

    I've had this problem off and on since before 3.0. Whatever it is, it persists, and I wish Apple would get on the stick and fix it. It seems to be much worse since I started using 4.x. I've deleted and reinstalled my email account, but it still happens.

    The only "solution" I've found (on EiC), has been to keep the mail app open for awhile after deleting the emails. It's bollocks, but it does seem to be an effective work-around.
  7. RickL

    RickL Member

    I'll haft to remember that. Thanks for the replies
  8. Yeah. Leave the app open for a few minutes. It hardly uses RAM, so it could just stay open if you use your email a lot.

    Test this out for yourself. Open mail, delete something, then close the app right away. Open your mail, it will be back. Delete email, and leave mail open (you can press home).

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  9. Buckles

    Buckles New Member

    mine does the same thing. my 2g did it too, so its nothing new. just annoying.
  10. snurblet

    snurblet Member

    Update: I had reinstalled my ISP email account, but did not reinstall my gmail account. The problem persisted, then went away. At some point I synced, and that might have been the extra step that did the trick. If it comes back, I'll pay more attention, but it's gone for now. :)
  11. mafia_001

    mafia_001 Guest

    I think u better re-login your email account
  12. Rocket J Squirrel

    Rocket J Squirrel New Member

    Same problem here. Just started after updating to 4.2.1 yesterday on my iPhone 3G.
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  14. KevinFlynn

    KevinFlynn New Member

    PLEASE EMAIL ME IF YOU HAVE A SOLUTION! Breakdown of suspected causes...

    Okay the bummer is I have only found this ONE SOLE THREAD on the net that even addresses this problem and it's clear that it's a major issue.

    I apologize in advance for whomever already knows the below info. I am only getting the rest of the posters on the same page to help expedite a solution.

    Here is what I know and hopefully you can apply this knowledge to your situation and we might collectively figure this out.

    I am going to assume POP3 for the account type.

    Email technology in regards to client-server relationships is almost identical to backup software.
    The terminology changes whether or not you have an Exchange server or a different type of mail server.
    For this reason, most companies use the backup terminology since it's widely understood and is neutral. I will use the same here.

    The server in question.. (mail.mydomain.com) is what collects all incoming emails and generates all outgoing
    emails. NOT YOU. Not your PC and not your phone... Those items are called mail clients. The client merely sends the data to the server and "asks" it to shoot that email out on it's behalf. (called relay)
    Your inbox only exists on the mail server. your outbox only exists on the mail server. SENT ITEMS however depends on how you are connecting to the mail server and which client.

    The server needs to know when the client is requesting to connect and "synchronize" what the current state of that client's inbox, outbox, etc. is... The management of this is the archive bit. Both sides have this archive bit.

    (It's my suspicion that either the iPhone isn't clearing the server's archive bit in a timely fashion, hence LEAVE OPEN TO GIVE IT TIME TO SEND THE "CLEAR ARCHIVE BIT" command or it's not setting its own local archive bit. Hopefully the former and not the latter)

    What this archive bit does is flag whether or not that particular email in question has already been downloaded and successfully received or not. The server will simply continue to re-send the same email over and over again presuming it's the first time until YOUR CLIENT tells it "I have this one already"

    One way for CERTAIN to stop this is to log into your web mail or directly onto the mail server (i.e. outlook and non-pst exchange connections) and DELETE THE EMAILS THERE! However you are probably in the same situation as I am...
    1)Work BLOCKS use of webmail leaving your phone as the only option to do so, which at that point WHY HAVE POP3 SETUP?

    2)You want to KEEP the email on your pc/web account but don't want it on your phone...

    Either way that's about the best I can provide as far as my insight into this...

    so either the phone isn't getting the archive bit command to the mail server quickly enough but if you leave it open it gives it more time to send it (althogh I NEVER close my mail program and I constantly have this issue)
    or it's failing to locally flag the bit correctly so it thinks it never got that email (basically ignoring the fact you deleted it..i.e. when you delete it, the local client doesn't make note of this)

    Now I need some clarification...
    When you say "leave open for a while"
    1)how long is a while?
    2)Leave it so I can see my email "leave open"? or just don't double tap home and kill the app there?
    because if the latter I NEVER close the app that way and I constantly have this issue..

    BTW, it's NOT an OS 4.2.1 issue. I've had this problem since day one of the iPhone 4.
    I can say this... I had two accounts. A personal domain account (show of hands who else is with GoDaddy, maybe it's THEIR server?)
    and also a work EXCHANGE account.

    I can say this, when I had two accounts setup, the work exchange and the mydomain.com account, it happened WAAAAAAAY less.. like MAYBE 4 return emails a month!

    Now that my pop3 is the only account and I deleted the work account (quit that job) it's CONSTANTLY happening. Hopefully someone reading this might have a lightbulb or two...

    Sorry for the lengthy post but this is costing me a LOT of data useage as a result....

    I need to fix ASAP.

  15. snurblet

    snurblet Member

    I've had the problem off and on since before 3.0. I'm on 4.1 now. I've had it happen with airplane mode turned on and WIFI off. To my knowledge, this completely severs communication between the phone and the mail servers, and the emails have still reappeared. :/ My mail server is bellsouth.net.

    Since deleting/reinstalling/syncing, as I described above, the problem has not recurred. I don't pretend to know why it happens, or how this "fix" works, but in my experience it has fixed the problem.

    PS- By "awhile" I was leaving the mail app open and visible for 30 seconds to a minute. I even set Backgrounder to keep the app running as if in the foreground, but the messages still came back.

    Thanks for the informative post, BTW. I hope you can get it sorted out. It was by far the most irritating, um..."idiosyncrasy" I've run into with iPhone.
  16. KevinFlynn

    KevinFlynn New Member

    The only thing I am curious to know is how did you even get them to re-appear with airplane mode on?
    I try that and it just says (when I go to send/receive) "Cannot Get Mail: The mail server "mail.domain.com" is not responding. Verify that you have entered the correct account info in Mail settings"

    ***EDIT*** Actually I take that back, since the 4.1x update it says
    "Turn Off Airplane Mode or Use Wi-Fi to Access Data"

    So how did you get it to bring back deleted stuff if the mail client doesn't even let you do a refresh while in airplane mode?...
  17. KevinFlynn

    KevinFlynn New Member

    Oh forgot to mention...

    What I've done:
    1.Completely wipe iPhone to 4.0 factory state and original firmware
    2.Update firmware
    3.Update to iOS 4.2.1 (beforehand I didn't take the 4.2.1 update and was on 4.1.0)
    4. Manually re-enter the pop3 info.

    Have the issue.
  18. snurblet

    snurblet Member

    Thats what makes me think it's a problem internal to iOS, and not in the way the app talks to the server. I've deleted the messages from the trash folder, too, and they'd still come back.
  19. KevinFlynn

    KevinFlynn New Member

    I think I've figured it out....

    Okay so what I did fixed it for me. Hopefully it will for you...

    Go to System settings
    Select MAIL
    Tap your account that's causing problems
    Tap Advanced (at very bottom)
    Tap Remove
    Tap NEVER
    Tap back arrow (advanced)
    Tap Delete from Server
    Tap NEVER
    Tap back arrow (Advanced)
    Tap back arrow (Account Info)
    Tap Done

    It seems that the archive bit I mentioned is not compatible for my pop3 provider. Again this is a guess and I am where snurblet is. I don't have conclusive knowledge of what is the cause or even the fix. I only know the actions I took to generate a fix. So far so good. I've rebooted, killed the app, restarted it, etc. and nothing has come back whether or not I empty the deleted items folder...

    I did check one more time before I posted this and it did show "Downloading 1 of 1" and I was thinking.. oh great, now it's going to do it, but instead to my surprise there was no new message so what I presume happened is one was about to come in but the phone knew it was already received so it didn't place it in my inbox.

    Hope this helps you guys.
  20. snurblet

    snurblet Member

    For the record, when I re-installed my account, I set my settings the same way they had been:

    Remove = After one week
    Delete from server = Never

    I'm not proud to admit it, but I'm now firmly in the "I don't care anymore, as long as it works..." camp. :eek:
  21. KevinFlynn

    KevinFlynn New Member

    Thanks for the contribution. looks like the common denominator is the DELETE setting.

    I tried changing it and if it's not on NEVER, the emails come
    back. (at least for me this is the behaviour)

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