4827473 thread about MMS! But I'm mad! So.. Sorry!

Ok so I've had an iPhone since day one.. And now that I hav 3gs I was really stoked to get MMS. I've been waiting for a long time for the day to finally come! And honestly I'll probably only send a few pics here and there but just knowing I can't frustrates the Hell out of me! We are in a time where I can go too walmart or target and buy a prepaid junk phone that can send a pic text yet my top of the line iPhone 3gs can't? Don't get me wrong I love my phone loved all my iPhones. Wouldn't trade them for the world. But isn't this getting rediculas now? The big hype for 3gs was MMS before it launched and here we are weeks and weeks later and still no MMS. If I wasn't a previous iPhone owner I'd be livid. But knowing how Apple is keeping us on the edge of our seat by the balls (most of us, some have lady parts) I deal with it.. Why? Cause I'm addicted just like the rest of you! I just want my damn pic texting that's all.. Is that too much to ask AT&T?!? Come on!

Thanks for letting me vent!


Dec 12, 2007
Rockford Il.
Thats just croping videos. I'm waiting for joining videos with several transition effects, and color editing.
No after having issues with previous iPhones after hacking I haven't made that leap yet with this one. Which was hard cause since ziPhone first was released I've been the type of person impatiently sitting next to my laptop awaiting the release of the next version.

Hi I'm Justin and I'm addicted to iPhone...