4s and Tone Sync


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Apr 4, 2016
Hi I just did the Itunes d/l and the Tone Sync on my computer and I am a newbie at all of this. I have googled for 2 days now simply trying to understand the process. Read posts on Tone Sync and tried to watch the Tutorial videos several times and I feel frustrated in not being able to get to completion of the connection process of Itunes, Tone Sync and my 4s.
My phone is authorized by the Apple Store, recognized on the computer, Tone Sync is on my Desktop and in the Task Bar and there it keeps giving me the message that it is waiting to pair with the phone? which I don't know the process.
Then I don't know how to d/l Zedge or install on the 4s. The phone is hooked up by the original phone cable and is recognized by PC.
Then there is reference to doing a QR scan which I take to mean that I have to get the App at the store,, but do not know how to get into the Tone Sync b/c of all of the aforementioned. \i have simply used the phone as a phone with the original OS 7.1.1 and started this project which has now turned out to be a mega challenge for my non techie experience.
I simply am not a tech savvy person and do hope that some experienced person maybe able to lend some advice.
Thank you