65 Things You Can Do In iOS 9 That You Couldn’t In iOS 8


Dec 7, 2011
Miami, Florida
Here's another compilation—courtesy of Redmond Pie—of iOS 9 tips and tricks; this one is called "65 Things You Can Do In iOS 9 That You Couldn’t In iOS 8." The crappy thing about this particular list is that the tips aren't numbered, so if you want to point out a specific tip to a friend or colleague, you cannot refer to the tip by number.

I decided to create a new thread so as not to disturb Hondamaker's existing (and quite excellent) "50 Tips and Tricks" thread. But if any moderator prefers to append this post to the end of Hondamaker's thread, please go right ahead.

I noticed that the Health app now has a section on reproductive health (see below). I'm guessing Apple believes that men play absolutely no role in reproduction, given that we weren't represented in this section of the app at all, but hopefully this will change in a future update.