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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Naudan, Jul 1, 2008.

  1. Naudan

    Naudan New Member

    I am still on the fence about 16gb vs 8gb. I am not a music lover. That being said. Id be lucky to fill 2gigs of music, this might change in the future, but lets talk AS-IS.

    My real concern is the space that everything else will take up. Does anyone have ANY clue, whatsoever how much room APPS will take up? I know for a fact that I will an APP junkie, getting every app that tickles my fancy, even for a second. that being said I will want games, etc. So how large do you think simple applications, such as AIM, or complex, such as super moneky ball will be? I personally would rather save the 100 bucks if possible considering V3 may comeout in a year with improvements to hardware or something.

    Also, does anyone know if there is extended battery life with 16gb? I know in the 80g ipods and such the bigger the storage, the more the battery life, and if this is true, this may be a strong reason to get it. Let me know.
  2. juzcallmeg0d

    juzcallmeg0d New Member

    this is a good thread. im pretty much the exact same as you. not gonna have a lot of music, but will probably fill up my space with apps lol

    id like some feedback also :)
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  4. Hawk

    Hawk Genius

    I originally didn't think I would carry a lot of music either, but I went from a total 1 gig worth of music to almost 3.5 in 4 months after I got my iPhone.
    While I still have 2.5 gigs of space left on my phone, I would easily opt for the 16gig, just because I know that I will eventually fill it up. I like having a couple movies on my phone for those times when I need to kill some time.
  5. juzcallmeg0d

    juzcallmeg0d New Member

    im not saying i dont have any music...ive got over 40 gigs of music, but i dont need all that on my iphone at once (obviously cant have it all anyway)

    i just dont see myself using the iphone as an ipod all that much. i will probably carry less than a gig of music at a time on the phone (and possibly a movie or two).
  6. Naudan

    Naudan New Member

    Your getting away from the purpose of this post people!!!

    I dont need you to swaye me into understanding the density of music. I have had Ipods for years, and music just isnt a huge thing for me as others.

    The question is this: I WILL be an APP fiend. I love apps, thus the reason of getting an Iphone. I need to know if any tech people could fill me in on how much space apps will take up on the iphone, and also, does the 16gb have extra battery life like how the regular Ipods do if you choose larger sizes?
  7. Saverino

    Saverino Zealot

    Not all apps are going to take up the same amount, but there going to be around 10 MB and up, some probably less.,from what I remember seeing somewhere here. And the battery is the same for both models. If the 16GB had better battery life, it would be a little bit thicker.
  8. Ezekiel2517

    Ezekiel2517 Member

    i would say having more space is always better, unless you really cant afford it. i used to not care so much about the space as i dont really have that much music either, only about 600 songs (most of which i dont really listen to anyways) but its when you start putting in stuff like videos and movies that you start to realize how small 8gb really is. and then with all the apps we will have will take up even more space, i definitely recommend going for the larger one
  9. tha5150

    tha5150 New Member

    ok, this is my first post to ANY iPhone forum. i will be getting one on the 11th with all the rest of you folks.

    i am with you @Naudan, i would like to know how much room apps has taken up. how about someone plug their iPhone into tunes, see how much apps storage is and list how many apps you have, how detailed they are in comparison so we can see just how much room these take. maybe this is the best way to figure this questions answer out???
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  10. Youngbinks

    Youngbinks Zealot

    I'm in the same boat as Hawk. Since I got my iPhone last June my music library has more than doubled thus I need at least a 16 GB. I was hoping for a 32 GB but I'm sure it will be released soon enough and I should be able to get some resale value out of a 16 GB. I also want to be able to house a ton of apps if I desire.
  11. iMerlin

    iMerlin New Member

    I have the v1 iPhone jailbroken and I have a ton of apps on my 8gig. The biggest app I have is Band with all the addons. The app itself is only 400kb, but most of the addons are between 5 - 15mb.
    I dont know for sure how big some of these app store apps will be, but I doubt apple would allow anything to huge. Im guessing the biggest will weigh in around 50mb. I cant imagine they will be any bigger than that.
    So if you really are an app junkie, 16gb will be more than enough.

    As a side note, if you dont use your iPhone as your iPod, you are doing yourself and your iPhone a disjustice. It is the best iPod out there.
  12. ScottNWDW

    ScottNWDW New Member

    Apps for phones are not that large. I have several apps on my current phone, A BlackjackII and together with all the documents, pictures, ringtones, calendar data, tasks, contacts, and such it still does not take up 2GB worth of memory, and with the 2GB memory card, that means it has 4GB.

    Based on my experience over the years with iPods, I have over 3000 songs a few tv shows and a few movies on my 80 GB ipod and it's only taken up about 22GB of space so far.

    I'm planning on getting an iPhone on July 11th as well and will probably get the 8GB one. I'm not planning on carrying a lot of music on it, that's what the iPod is for. I may carry some favorites but that's it. As for movies and TV shows, I may carry one or two when I travel, but that's about it.

    Not a big gamer, but I do have a few on my current phone and they do nottake up much space at all. Granted the iPhone is more robust than either a Palm or a Windows Mobile device, but I still do not see where the apps are going to take up that much more space.
  13. tha5150

    tha5150 New Member

    i am with you there. if you dont need it, dont get it. (extra storage that is) but i dont want to spend 199 when for $100 more i can get double the storage. just doesnt make sense to me. although i will most likely get the 16gb to be safe, i think i would be able to adjust for the 8gb size limit and make some changes on movies, apps, music, etc to be happy with it.

    its not like you will be listening to all 6gb of music all the time with 2gb of apps ya know? change up your music selection and be happy with it.. hell, 6gb of music is alloooootttt of songs and videos.. ALOT
  14. jslappa

    jslappa New Member

    Steve Jobs and Co. have limited apps to less than 2Gb. So there could theoretically be apps that are 2Gb is size. if anyone is allowed to sell a GPS turn-by-turn app, it could easily be that size if maps are included in the download. Short enough answer for ya?

    We are used to the smaller apps from installer. Now we are going to see apps made by large companies with the resources to produce amazing apps. I am willing to bet that the 8Gb iPhone 3G will go the way of the 4Gb version 1, and become extinct. As soon as the 32Gb materializes, they will most likely drop the 8Gb from manufacturing.
  15. tha5150

    tha5150 New Member

    hmm... 16 here i come..
  16. kevlar08

    kevlar08 New Member

    get the 16 gig just for apps, never hurts to have to much room, you'll kick yourself later if you fill up the 8 gig and still want more stuff trust me i did it last generation
  17. peteparts54

    peteparts54 New Member

    8gb vs 16gb

    I have the 16gb, and love it, I have a ton of music (1200 songs), 2 movies, 300 photos and more than 50 apps on it including an expensive app "iBird" which is a 50mb app. I also download podcasts everyday to listen to. I still have over 3 gigs free space. Remeber that the operating system uses some of your 16gb, so you really only get about 14.5 for you to use. Apps take a very small amount of space, Movies the most. I travel a ton and just like a cowboy had a pistol, I have my iPhone. If cost is a factor, get the 8 gig, it will hold way more than you can use in one day, if you want the 16gb, get it. 1200 songs = 7.11 gb, 2 movies, 3.27gb, 50 apps including the big one =504 mb, 300 photos= 262mb, podcasts etc = 292mb, 3.23 gb free space.1200 songs is like 8 days of 24 hour music. judge accordingly. 8 is probably plenty and I am going to encourage my wife to get the 8 gb as we pay for that one, mine is supplied by my employer:laugh2::laugh2:
  18. styfle

    styfle Zealot

    I bought the 16 gig right when it came out (actually about a month after it came out in march). I originally started with around 1200 songs and now I have over 1500 songs in a little over a year. I have around 4 movies with 10 video podcasts, 30 apps, and still have 2 gigs available.
    You can't really go wrong with more space.
  19. rarity

    rarity Member

    I'd get the 16. If u jailbreak, it eats up space too. I regret not going for 16 since I put movies on mine for my son.
  20. NerdGlassez

    NerdGlassez New Member

    For me, I have about 520 songs and 300 photos on my 8gb iPod touch, and I manage to keep my memory space in check without difficulty. I'm sure what really saves me is I put no movies on it.

    What really is worth thinking about is that with all the preinstalled factory apps, you don't get every bit of memory space. But, it seems as though iPhone has an advantage over iPod;

    Useable storage on iPod: 6.5 gb
    Useable storage on iPhone: 7.1 gb

    Defidently a big difference when it comes down to usage. ((The iPhone clearly has 0.6 gb more of useable space, which may seem small, but is big on storing assorted apps, texts, and even a few photos or songs.))

    So go ahead and save the money, and get the 8gb. That's what I'd do!!
  21. Jarred

    Jarred Contributor

    Get a 32gb. I'm a bit app crazy myself it seems. If you do without the Audio and Video I'd still fill a 16gb model (and I did on my old 16gb 4, my main reason to upgrade to a 64gb 4S)

    454 Songs
    17 Videos
    55 Pics
    172 Apps


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