9.3.5 - Unable to kickstart jailbreak with Pheonix upon restarting

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Oct 7, 2017
So I seem to be unable to kickstart jailbreak with Pheonix after shutting the phone off and on... or at least, sometimes.. or perhaps it's after a certain period of time, I haven't run enough tests to be sure yet. A few days ago upon jailbreaking I turned the phone off and on some 3 times within a short time space. No problem, would run Pheonix and jailbreak again. Yesterday I couldn't do this upon turning off the phone. The application won't even start, it stops showing up as authorized on Settings as well (won't show at all).

This is a serious burden to me as I often go weeks without quick access to a computer or internet to jailbreak the device again, so I was wondering if perhaps there's a fix for this issue?