A few iPhone headphone choices, please help!


Aug 2, 2007
Please let us know what you think of the Skull Candy headphones. I have heard mostly good things about them, with the exception of 1 or 2 posts where someone would say that they have crappy sound quality, but not give anything to back it up as to why they think that.
I have noticed that the Vibe Duo's apparently require some sort of break-in period, but over-all, then general consensus is that they are a little too Boom-y for calls, but great for music with heavy bass.
I have been looking for reviews on anything from Both companies, and I did notice that while Skull Candy leans heavily on the "fashion statement", there are still a lot of music professionals that seem to like them a lot (not specifically the iPhone version).
Personally, I'm not an audiophile, and I think I have damaged my hearing enough in my youth that I need to be careful about volume levels, so anything that comes off "muddy" is not for me. I like bass (hell I play one) but I want a more Well rounded sound from whatever headphones I decide upon.