A question about installer.app ?


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Feb 29, 2008
Hi everyone,

I bought a iPhone about a week ago, and i am very happy with it.
The guy i bought it from already had the phone unlocked so i could use it on
the belgian providers. I use Belgacom Proximus. Also the iPhone uses firmware 1.1.3
And when i first got it, it already had installer.app installed on it.
Most of the stuff on the installer.app program, works fine.
Like summerboard and so, however i am unable to use all the themes, only some work. Anybody knows what that is about?

But my real question is, when i connect the phone with ibrickr or iPhonebrowser, it's says it's NOT jailbroken. Still installer works and most of the games aswell. How is this possible ? Not jailbroken and still installer.app ? How did he do that ?



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Jul 15, 2007
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the phone was jailbroken with ziPhone as opposed to the other way which is reconized by ibrickr. There is a "fix" in installer for ibrickr to see the jailbreak. Use WINscp as opposed to ibrickr. Much more powerful way to explore your iPhone files....