AC charger not recognized at times?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by bryanbassett, Sep 18, 2007.

  1. bryanbassett

    bryanbassett New Member

    Several times since purchase when my battery warning comes on I plug in the AC charger and nothing happens. It seems to occur when the last charge was on my computer USB dock. It will go a whole day not recognizing the AC charger and then mysteriously recognize it again. It happened again this weekend. I charged and synced my phone ..left on a 2 day trip. After the first day it would not charge ..I tried 5 different outlets (hotel and airport). I returned home and stopped at the ATT store to buy another charger ..plugged it in to test it and it worked again and is still working now.

    Like I said this is the 3-4 occurrence. I tried resetting the phone several times as well during this to no avail.

    Is there a software or hardware switch that tells the iphone that it is on an AC charger or USB...It could be the charger but I've never seen a charger that SOMETIMES works it either does or doesn't. Any Thoughts?

  2. Alexander

    Alexander Zealot

    When this happens I pull the cord out and plug it back into the iPhone multiple times, and eventually it comes on.
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  4. bryanbassett

    bryanbassett New Member

    yeah i keep doing that till i think i'm going to break it..Thanks for the reply.
  5. Shotta876

    Shotta876 New Member

    I have to leave my computer on to charge my phone all night now, even though it came with a free AC charger.. wow. Unreal. Just when everything with my phone is going perfectly, I realize that I have to leave my computer on to charge it.

    I found out the hard way;

    Left it to charge last night, woke up, grabbed it, and went to class. Come to find out, my battery life was nearly dead. Instead of going out after class, I had to come home to charge my phone. *rolls eyes*
  6. DeeRector2

    DeeRector2 New Member

    Same thing is happening hear. It not the dock or the chord.. I limited it down to the actual AC charger.. I didnt know are first and the idiots at Apple told me it was the dock and they sent me a new one. Its the AC, for sure.. and it works when it wants Now i leave a $3500 computer on all night to charge a phone..... real nice.
  7. oab

    oab New Member

    I charge my iPhone every other night however, every once in a while I have the same problem with my AC charger -- I plug the phone into the cradle and nothing happens -- no screen showing the partially depleted battery, which then I assume the phone would not charge. Just wondering if my battery was not depleted enough to make the phone charge. I'll find out tonight if that was the problem.
  8. oab

    oab New Member

    Nothing wrong with the phone it's the iPhone charger. After discharging the phone about 75% I plugged the iPhone into the charger dock -- again nothing happened, no green battery charging image so I tried my Nano charger which is also 5 volts, it works fine. I will be returning the iPhone charger today.

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