Access iCloud backup files from my PC?

Discussion in 'iCloud' started by SaraJ123, Jan 27, 2012.

  1. SaraJ123

    SaraJ123 New Member

    Hi, so I recently got iCloud and backedup my iphone. I can see that there is data backedup but cannot access this data from my pc. Is there anyway to access my icloud backup from a pc? Thank you!
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  2. Lon

    Lon Evangelist

    Go to and log in.
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  4. SaraJ123

    SaraJ123 New Member

    Ya... thats not what i meant. I backed up my iphone/computer so when i log in to the iCloud client on a PC i can see there is a backup file but I cannot access it. only has contacts and stuff. I want all my pictures and everything on my PC
  5. Grexp

    Grexp New Member

    SaraJ123 said: ↑

    Go to and log in.

    How do I log in at When I go there I am redirected to, which is just information. I have tapped until my finger tip is raw and I never see a place to log in!

  6. itsalexaye

    itsalexaye Member

    are you going to on your iPad? Because when I login to on my PC I don't get that. I get mail, contacts, calendar, and iWork.
  7. Grexp

    Grexp New Member

    Yes, I am logging on from the iPad. I guess that is not really practical, but I was curious what was there. I'll try it from my pc. If that works, though, it begs the question of whether I can access iCloud from any iPad?


  8. jasonmaner

    jasonmaner New Member

    Unfortunately, as far as I have read, you can access iCloud backed up data to an iOS device only such as an iPhone, iPad etc. However, if you have an iTunes Match on your PC or whatever you are using, you can restore any thing from there onto the PC easily.
  9. jimmerlink

    jimmerlink New Member

    You can't open/view the content of an iCloud backup on your PC, it can only be used to restore an iOS device, and you try backup iPhone files to PC.
  10. wAmjok

    wAmjok New Member

    As far as I know,it's possible to access iCloud backup to PC.
    At first you should download and install iCloud Control Panel for Windows.
    Then you can view and copy iCloud backup to PC.
    With this Control Panel,you can backup directly from iOS device to PC as long as you
    allow iCloud Sharing.
  11. rjkgr

    rjkgr Member

    can someone help me'? i cant log in, to my icloud account. like it says error
  12. Europa

    Europa Moderator

    Here's a link. Please start your own thread if you have any other questions regarding this problem.
  13. rjkgr

    rjkgr Member

    sorry again! and thanks

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