Activation Question

Oct 31, 2007
I know you guys must get a lot of these kinds of questions but this one is a little different. I read all the stickies and I'm pretty sure this works, but I want to make sure before it try it.
My goal is to get the iPhone to be on a Pre-Paid contract. The 9s trick for the SSN only lets you get a monthly plan with no contract, but not a pay as you go type. I don't want my plan to be attached to any account.
So my plan is to:
Get the cheapest T-Mobile phone with a pre-paid plan
Unlock and use the SIM card to activate in the iPhone

I have 2 questions:
1) If I bought the iPhone today is the firmware guaranteed to be 1.1.1? If so does the diagram in the stickied topic still apply?
2) Would this work? Would I get EDGE coverage? If I ran out of money in the prepaid account, would it brick?

Side note:
Does anyone know if it's still possible to get a 4GB iPhone?

Bill Gates

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Oct 24, 2007
u can get a refurbed 4gb off the Apple site. they just put them back up but watch out they are refurbs


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Aug 21, 2007
Hi. I just bought two iPhones for my sons for Christmas. I live in Little Rock, AR, one son lives in Washington, DC and the other lives in Memphis, TN. Can I activate their phones, in their names, with phone numbers in their respective cities/area codes on iTunes? What I'd really like to do is have their phones up and running with local numbers when they open them at Christmas. TIA for any help from the group.
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Dec 14, 2007
Yes you can. When you do so, make sure you have their address's and all the needed info handy, includung their drivers license numbers and birthdates. You will need a "primary place of usage" address that is in the area where they are living in order to get a phone number in that area. The billing address can be different, and out tof the area if needed. HINT be sure to give the right zip code when setting up the iTunes online, if you put in a different one that ATT has, it will generate errors. Apple and ATT records need to sync up. You should be able to get them all set up and active by Christmas! What a nice gift! Also- the unlimited data plan is for domestic use only. International use is not covered.