Active Sprint LTE in San Diego!

Dec 10, 2009
Clarksburg, WV
Been struggling with Sprint sub par cellular 3G data speeds since I joined them October 2011 with iPhone 4S launch.
Well documented that they were aggressively working to correct the issue by rolling out their "Network Vision" plan that involves completely new hardware for LTE deployment and improved fiber optics to increase back haul issues from a severely overloaded network.
I've been patiently waiting it out and following tech form(s) for inside info.
San Diego is not even oficially announced yet, but I been privy to network topographic maps indicating build out is in progress here.
I actually had a dream on Monday that LTE was indicated on my 4S display (admittedly, that detail was fantasy) but checked my sources as it had been a few months.
Low and behold, some active Sprint LTE sites were showing up in my area, North County San Diego (Carlsbad), so I went and picked up a iPhone 5 last night.
The other factor for the upgrade was that Apple would likely be closing the iOS 6.x evasi0n JailBreak with the next update, so if I wanted to JB an LTE enabled Sprint iPhone 5, it was now or MUCH later down the road, and I have been patient long enough :D




Not too shabby for LTE service not even officially announced as being worked on or avaialble here by Sprint yet...
Dec 7, 2010
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I have had some great results on 3G over here in UK, the 'Three' network will be rolling out LTE here this year, and it will be the same price as the 3G contracts. EE charge £56/month for their 8G plan

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rom x

Jan 18, 2011
wow thats great news. i used to be with spint but as you know their wimax 4g is non-existent. which is why i left to att. tho i still have 3 lines with sprint. but i will say this sprints voice network is better than att. i have never had an issue with their voice at all. with att i sometimes get voice problems kinda like garbaled calls every 4-6months i would get atleast one.