Adding a 2nd iPod to iTunes Library

Discussion in 'iTunes' started by you2, Dec 14, 2006.

  1. you2

    you2 New Member

    I wanted to know how can I add two iPods to a same iTunes library on my PC?

    My brother got a new iPod recently and I wanted to share the library for both the iPods using the same iTunes on my PC but I didn't knew how to do that? Can anyone provide some hint..
  2. nynex

    nynex New Member

    I'd be interested in this too since my gf has one and I have one. She has iTunes w/ her library on her computer. I have my library and iTunes on my computer(s). The only way I've gotten them to work is to make it manual sync, and transfer stuff between the iPods that way. hmmmm I wonder what would happen if I plugged 2 iPods into the computer at the same time. I'll have to try that and let ya know.
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  4. Kabeyun

    Kabeyun Member

    These are two different scenarios.

    For you2, you should be able to use the same iTunes Library with as many iPods as you want. Just attach the new iPod and sync it up. [Apple want you to buy iPods.]

    For nynex, the problem is trying to use one iPod (yours or your girlfriend's)with two different computers. Once set up, an iPod is wedded to that computer. [Apple doesn't want you using an iPod to transfer music to and fro.] I'm sure you discovered that plugging them in simultaneously doesn't work.

    For other ways to distibute content with multiple iPods, read here.


  5. rtaylor07

    rtaylor07 New Member


    What you could do is install itunes so that it is onl available to her account meaning make multiple users. One user for oyurself and one for your girlfriend. Then install itunes on her account for herself only, then to your account for you only. It should work, also make sure you specify the install folder to be somewhere other then your normal programs folder for atleast one of you. It should work. If not you could choose to use a different program for ipod syncing.
  6. petessnaps

    petessnaps New Member

    Now this is what I wanted to hear and I'm pleased that synching a 2nd iPod to my existing laptop library is as easy as Kabeyun describes. But here's my worry; I have a large labrary synched to a 30Gb ipod, I want to get a nano as my 2nd iPod to use with a selected section of my library (wife government nationalised the 1st one); how to manage that? The nano won't handle the whole library so how can I synch each time I want to update both iPods?
  7. kokogirl

    kokogirl New Member

    I have 8gb iphone and several nanos and shuffles for our family. I just put what I want on a certain ipod in a certain playlist. For example, I have Lisa's Shuffle mix. My daughters have a playlist for their nano & shuffle called K & A mix. (I do not really need Hannah Montana on my shuffle). Then we have some different playlists of favorite albums or mixes. That way, when we sync, we can just chose the playlists to put on each ipod.
  8. petessnaps

    petessnaps New Member

    This sounds way cool; so each ipod has its own ID and synchs to the playlists selected for it - I want one, thanks koko.
  9. kokogirl

    kokogirl New Member

    No problem. You do have to chose the playlists you want for each iPod when you sync. It is easy to drag the songs from the library onto each playlist that you create.
  10. Kabeyun

    Kabeyun Member

    I do this myself. In fact, we have 5 iPods in the house.

    One elegant way to fill a smaller iPod with a library subset is to use smart playlists. In iTunes, go to File > New Smart Playlist. Check the Limit To box and set the limit to the capacity of your nano. iTunes will fill the smart playlist with as many songs as will fit on the nano, according to whatever inclusion or exclusion rules you specify.

    Good luck, and have fun.

  11. petessnaps

    petessnaps New Member

    Thank you Kabeyun! This internet business still blows me away, I'm new on this forum but used to others and it just seems that you always find the friendliest most helpful people so easily - many thanks to all. I was actually in iTunes on my laptop when I checked the board; I've never used smart playlists before (never had to) but I see exactly what you mean.

    I was in a book shop yesterday and just happened to walk past shelf loaded with books on ipods and iphones; I never knew there was so much to them that it'd fill several books. There's even one that suggests playlists - I need to follow this up.
    Cheers guys.
  12. reymundoG.

    reymundoG. New Member

    I have a similar problem because my iPod was stolen so I got a new one but on my old ipod I had some movies on it but now on my new iPod i cant download the movies from the iPod or from itunes

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