Adding a second hard to a PowerMac G5


Jun 10, 2006
Long Island, NY
With the release of Leopard, I'm preparing my PowerMac G5 desktop by outfitting it with a secondary hard drive. I'm pretty swift when it comes to computers, but I couldn't find much info about installation. Everywhere I looked, they kept saying "use the wiring that came with your PowerMac G5". Check my box, checked the G5 and no wiring. Finally, I did a little fishing around and there were two wires. The first was under the plastic casing that holds the hard drives. The second cable was wedged at the top of the PowerMac G5. Long story short, once I had these the installation took a minute or so. There are four "rubberized" screws to the right that you actually screw into the side of the hard drive. Slide in the hard drive and plug in the "newly found" cables and your good to go.

Now I just need Leopard to install...under 24 hours and counting!