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Jan 5, 2008
People still PM, email, and IM me, asking for help with their iPhones.

now, as most (if not all), people know, I no longer have an iPhone.

I can theoretically still help with things... but the fire is gone.

I don't keep up with iPhone news anymore, and i don't feel like i can or should help anymore.

what should i do?

and what should i say to people who say things like

Hi there MOTD,

I've been through some of your posts on EiC, and I'm amazed at your knowledge! Good going on the all the knowledge u have.. more to the point, I really need your advice and was wondering if you could help me.

I have the 1.0.2(1c28) version, model MA712. I've been thinking of upgrading the FW to 2.1 but really scared that I'll end messing it all up! I've been through many posts in many forums, but I'm still scared to give it a try.
From what I've read, I understand you hafto virginize the phone first for the whole process. I don't understand how to do that because, my installer is the old version (1.7) (long story, had updated original installer on phone only to find it getting stuck. then had to download even older version (1.7) through ibrickr. works fine, but cant install many apps from it).

So, in order to virginize, do you need the new version of installer? More importantly can I upgrade my FW using the installer I have? What are the remaining steps? I really hope you can help me with this.. I would really appreciate it!

now usually, i would suggest the person to PWN to the newest firmware, and then unlock.


im not sure anymore.


Jun 10, 2006
Long Island, NY
You can write a How To Guide and have it published on the big site allowing you to link to your handy work when folks ask.;)


Aug 7, 2007
Suwanee, GA
1. Change your .sig like OJ said.
2. Create a generic response like:

Dear <whoever>,

Thank you for contacting me regarding your iPhone. I would love to be able to help answer your question/solve your problem, but I am no longer providing support for the iPhone. If you post your question to the EIC forum, I'm sure someone will be glad to anwswer it.

And send this whenever you get a PM like your example above.


I'm partially to blame for this too... :( cause you've ALWAYS been there to help me through anything and everything with my iPhone and you never ask for anything in return.. so I tell folks.. "Message TMOTD he's a guru with the iPhone and will make sure you're taken care of"... That's what I told my friend Amy on here when she was having problems... :( you are one the most considerate and amazing young men, along with Binks, Lincoln, PDS, Sav.. etc.. we are blessed with such young people that are way advanced in their years.. you all are amazing...

I'd change the sig tag and maybe do what Chris suggested.. Or... just get a bloody iPhone again mister mister! LOL either way, people trust your knowledge they trust your expertise.. they trust what you're going to tell them... we ALL here trust a lot of the users because the wealth of knowledge grows and thank GOD we aren't surrounded by "power" hungry mongrels who want to push power around...

It's hard to stop asking for help, when we all know what strengths we have at EIC and the volume of knowledge that pours into this place... present company excluded LOL


Just my 2 cents... that won't buy you crap!


Jul 8, 2008
Guys, I'm going to have to ask you to bear with my stupidity, as I was gone when this development happened.
Sam, why don't you have an iPhone anymore?