Advise about returning a phone.

Sep 14, 2008
Hi people,

2 weeks ago I was out and about, went to use my phone and it was off, It wouldn't turn on so I assumed the battery was lifeless.

I connected it to the Mac and had the popup telling me the phone required a restore.

I did that, the restored from a backup and all was fine. However over the bnext 4 days, this happened 5 times. The fith time I never restored from a backup, instead just completely started from scratch thinking that maybe something was corrupt from the backup.

Low and behold, it happened again.

I have now taken it to the O2 shop and have to wait 2 weeks to get it back. Not happy, missing the phone like I would be missing a leg.

Main point of this post... I have a feeling that they will return the phone after probably wiping it and telling me its working again, rather than actually finding out what the problem is.

If this is the case, is it possible I would be able to take it to an Apple store (It was purchased from an O2 shop). I ask this as the nearest Apple store to me is about 30 miles away, I don't really was to waste a journey if they say they cant do anything.

Advise please.



Sep 7, 2007
Biteyland NYC
An Apple store would have just replaced it on the spot. Better than waiting 2 weeks.


Apr 11, 2008
An Apple store would have just replaced it on the spot. Better than waiting 2 weeks.

Your not wrong... he mentioned he was on o2. thereforee in england, i took my iPhone 3g into the trafford centre in manchester. waited in line for apporx 5mins, spoke to dude. walked out 5mins later with a brand spankin new iPhone 3g. End of drama


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Mar 21, 2008
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what you need to do is call Apple support. assuming you have had your phone for less than a year (it is still under factory warranty) and talk to a iPhone specialist and tell him what you just told us. he will open a case, type in all the info, tell you what he thinks, and then give you the case number. after that go to the Apple website and make an appointment at the Apple store genius bar for whenever is good for you. get there about 10 min early, check in, and when you get called just give the genius your case number and tell him whats going on. he will look it up, take a look at your phone, and more than likely replace it for you. i have used this process and it works flawlessly. hope it helps.
Sep 14, 2008
Cheers people,

As soon as I get it back I will give it 2 days and if all is not well, I will give Apple a try.

I should of just asked you lot in the beginning... oh well.