Aetna customer or employee? You may get a significant subsidy on the cost of an Apple Watch

Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by Rafagon, Sep 27, 2016.

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    Great news if you’re an Aetna customer or employee.

    According to an article on a popular tech site, "On Tuesday, health insurance giant Aetna announced that it’s starting a new app-based health program that will exclusively rely on Apple products—namely, the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. As part of the program, Aetna will subsidize Apple Watches for select customers as well as offer the smartwatches at no cost to their own 50,000 employees beginning in early 2017.”

    Another site claims the benefit will be available “starting this fall during open enrollment season.”

    If you’re an Aetna customer or employee and just recently purchased an Apple Watch, it may not be too late to return it and take advantage of this offer when it becomes available soon.
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    'Select customers' ... So return your watch, wait until lord knows when in 2017 to find out you're not one of the 'select' customers LOL ;)
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    It's no wonder insurance rates are so high. That's an additional $2 million in premiums that their customers get to pay to cover the cost of watches for the employees.

    Thanks, Obama.

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