After 3 months, what direction is this iPhone model going?


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Jul 20, 2007
Well, at the stroke of midnight, it will be the first iPhone's 3 month anniversary.

Over the course of the last few months there have been a couple of soft updates that seemed to rectify security issues and some minor firmware bugs. But there had been no true functionality changes via updates, until yesterday.

In anticipation of cut/paste, multiple recipient SMS, and other productivity style upgrades, many of the phone's users were, once again, let down.

The features that were not included in the update kind of leads me to believe that Apple's direction for this iPhone model is not at all towards a true productivity machine with an iPod on the side, but as a full featured(and secured) handheld entertainment center.

If you look at the updates like:

WiFi iTunes
TV Out
Double Tap Home Function
Double Tap Spacebar=.
Reordering Stocks
New SMS alert tones

just to name a few, they seem to only make the phone more CONVENIENT to use, not more productive.

So if Apple's first "major" update has no use for someone looking for a businesss class PDA device, my guess is that Apple really isn't trying to lure or target this market, and are happy with their stance on being a lifestyle type of company that offers style over function in it's current phone.

I love the phone now, but also hope my observation of the last few months proves wrong. I would love to see some more productivity function added to the phone.

Joseph B

Sep 17, 2007
I've only had my iPhone for about a week, but I have to say that in its current configuration it does *everything* that I need and more!

I wanted to carry around just one device that would combine the functionality of my iPod, Palm, and Cell Phone. The iPhone does all of that, plus it lets me view Movies and TV shows as well on it's Widescreen display. (My old iPod was just a Shuffle, so just having the increased iPod functionality on this device is a real treat!)

To me the Mail, Google Maps, Weather, and Stock applications are just icing on an already delicious cake.

I *do* need the Internet in order to be able to do my job, and I have found that Safari as implemented on the iPhone is "good enough" to get me by during an emergency until I can get to a full blown laptop.

So, for me, the iPhone is already a portable entertainment center; an emergency businesss tool; a communications device; and ... oh, yeah: I've got Wikipedia and ESPN in my pocket!

For me, the darn thing is nearly perfect!

Now, I have a brother that's a lawyer and he needs his Blackberry in order to be able to get to his businesss e-mail and to be able to run specialized corporate applications. He'll probably *never* go over to the iPhone; he needs his Blackberry. But you know what? He's already indicated to me that he's seriously considering acquiring an "iPod Touch"; even though that would mean carrying around two devices!

Perhaps Apple knows their potential customer base very well!