AIM Express?

Jun 16, 2007
Since it looks like the iChat app is currently limited to 10 minute sessions, do you guys think you'll be able to run AIM Express in Safari on the iPhone? For those not familiar with AIM Express, it allows you to access your AIM buddy list without installing any software. Details at :


New Member
Jun 5, 2007
i tried to put the ichat app on my own server so i could take off the 10 minute cap and i couldnt get it working :(. i think the ichat app is a million times better then aim express (atleast it will be on the iPhone), plus im sure once the iPhone is out other people will start hosting the ichat app with no cap or a much larger cap.

if anyone can help me install id love you forever (just drop me a PM) thats the link to it right now but it doesn't work.