All Apps gone after AptBackup Restore

Nov 2, 2010
Hi, guys,

I have quite a serious issue: After having AptBackup back up my Cydia apps I accidentally hit "Restore". I quit the app straight away and deleted it from the 'taskline' to avoid a further restore.
2mins later: My springboard restarts automatically.
Result: All AppStore apps gone, Cydia apps still installed.

The volume capacity information in iTunes shows the old apps as occupied space, but as 'Other' rather than "Apps".

Of course I could restore but then I'm gonna lose all of my app's settings as I did another sync with iTunes after the restore which was pretty stupid. iTunes only keeps one backup.

What am I supposed to do now? Is there a possibility to restore the apps and settings from the iPhone (nothing about the apps in SSH also, at least not under



As you can imagine, I'd be extremely thankful if you could help me out.
Thank you.
Nov 2, 2010
oh, i forgot:

iPhone 4, 32GB
FW 4.1
jailbroken with Limera1n
Win Vista
AptBackup 1.1-8


New Member
Aug 8, 2012
this is way late but to find your apps on ifile i have to go to var/mobile/applications and make sure u go in your settings and tuen on the option to show app names( if you don't youll see jbberish)