Alpha View MMS App

Sep 29, 2007
Was browsing through hackintosh forums and found this:

I'm going to go ahead and throw this up, at least I can get some feedback on whether it works for people more than me. Keep in mind this is rough at this point.

This application basically parses your SMS messages and displays all mms notifications. Selecting one logs you into without having to type in the random message id and password.

It works for me, so we'll see how it works for others. There is a long list of todo and issues currently:

- Phone numbers aren't correlated to address book names yet
- Date formatting isn't too pretty
- Transition from table view to web view isn't quite right
- Back button on web view doesn't work
- Loading dialogue disappears long before the page is actually loaded (be patient)
- scrolling and pinching works on the web view, but it doesn't initially scale the page to fit
- It may crash, burn, leak memory, etc.
- there is no application icon
- It may only work with AT&T in the english langauge, I don't know. Basically it looks for sms that contain the string 'viewmymessage' so if foreign carries still use this then it will probably work.

With that said, it is kinda useful even at this point. Keep in mind that really really sucks. It can take 15-20 seconds for the page to load, and in my usage about 50% of the time you'll get a random error. This is not the app's fault, the same thing happens if you try it from your desktop web browser. Also keep in mind that only keeps your messages for I think 5 days, so if you try to view an older one you'll probably get an error about an invalid message id.

So, feeling brave? Check it out:

Also, I'm not a graphics guy so if anyone wants to donate an app icon I would greatly appreciate it
Sorry not enough time to review over it. Will tomorrow if I have time to try it out but I have exams comming up.
Sep 29, 2007
So anyone actually try this yet?
Im gonna try it tonight if I have time. I was having problems with jailbraking my phone and I finally got it so I have to get back up to speed and ill post a review.


New Member
Jun 29, 2007
I tried it to no avail. I keep getting the "your message id and or pw is incorrect". It seems as though its not even putting in the message id or pin in.