Am I the only one annoyed with iPhone's inability to get the . (period) syntax correct?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by SmartAlx, Feb 24, 2012.

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    In English, when you end a sentence with a quote, the period goes inside the quotation marks.

    Bobby said, "would you please kick the soccer ball to me."

    The iPhone doesn't understand this so when you add two spaces after the quote, the iPhone forces a period after the quote.

    Alex said, "this smartphone is so dumb.". "See?"

    COME ON! Seriously! Does NO APPLE EMPLOYEE type with the iPhone? Is Apple so arrogant that it thinks it can dictate to English teachers the world over where the period should be?

    Please don't tell me to deactivate the automatic period because I do use it. The advantage it gives me outweighs the annoyance but is it too much to ask Apple to freaking fix this! It's been 5 freaking years!
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    Is the double space after the "." proper?


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    It seems Apple chose to go with British (logical) usage instead of American (conventional). I could understand this because the rest of the world uses the British usage.

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