An blocked AT&T iPhone can be unlocked to be use with AT&T?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by FFAP1234, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. FFAP1234

    FFAP1234 Member

    Jun 12, 2010
    Basically I have 2 questions if somebody could tell me please?

    1 if AT&T blocks a phone for been stolen can the thief unlocked and use it with AT&T again

    2 Is there a way to know if the iPhone you are buying is unlocked other than by trying it with a SIM card from another carrier? Thank U very much : )

    Sorry I tried to correct the title but I don't know how : (
  2. Hawk

    Hawk Genius

    Aug 2, 2007
    1)Technically, yes. If AT&T blocks a phone, it cannot be reactivated, but it happens anyway. That whole commission thing, unethical people... Etc. luckily, they have been far more rigorous about stolen phones lately than they have in the past.
    2) AT&T iPhones are locked. So are Sprints (though I cannot confirm). So far the only one I know that at least started being sold unlocked is Verizon.

    And I'll just through this out there- if you are asking because you found an iPhone and want to activate it for yourself, no one here takes kindly to thieves. Not saying you are one, but its one of those things where people here just don't stand for it. The very best thing I can tell you is that if it happens to be the case where you might have a lost or stolen iPhone, turn it in to Apple.
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  4. FFAP1234

    FFAP1234 Member

    Jun 12, 2010
    I know exactly what you mean when u talk about thieves.

    1 My brand new iPhone 5 was stolen from the gym. When I officially reported to AT&T, about a little after 2 weeks (because I wanted to try and see if the thief will turn it on and locate it, never did) I asked if they could know if my phone was active and was told yes, it was. Then I asked for the person's name who had it and was told that was a private info that I needed to do a police report which I did. Now the police is taking action and say that will take about 45 days because of the holidays coming.

    It happened that yesterday I was told that if the phone is unlocked it can still be used with AT&T and u just confirmed to me, it makes me angry to know.

    2 I was lucky to meet a very nice and honest guy in Craigslist who did exactly what I did; got the iPhone 5 and then requested AT&T to unlock his iPhone 4S. I bought his iP 4S and asked him if he unlocked but he wasn't very sure, I will prefer to have an unlocked phone because one day when I sell it will give a better value to it. So I guess I will go to T-Mobile and ask them to try it out for me, that is the only reason why I want to know if there is any other way to know if the phone is unlocked other than trying it with another carrier. Thank you very much for all your help : )
  5. rambo47

    rambo47 Contributor

    Apr 4, 2010
    Sprint's iPhones come locked. If you're a customer in good standing for at least 3 months, you can call Sprint and simply ask for your iPhone to be unlocked. They send the unlock code over the air - nothing for the user to do. If they ask at all (they didn't when I called) just say you're traveling internationally and want to use local pre-paid SIM cards.
  6. FFAP1234

    FFAP1234 Member

    Jun 12, 2010
    That is nice, with AT&T you need to complete your contract or after a new upgrade you can request to unlock the phone that you were using before your the upgrade.

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