An Issue With My IP Address!


Oct 29, 2013
Florence, AL
The first indication I had an IP Address problem was when I recently restored my phone as new. So while setting my apps back up, I log in to TuneIn Radio. My faves are gone, so I go to "local radio". All the stations are in the Albuquerque, New Mexico area! So I use the search bar to get my stations back. At the time I don't think much about it. But then I start noticing more New Mexico stuff. I check my location on maps. The GPS is correct. Shows Florence, Alabama. My next thought is IP Address. I check my Wife's phone, and it's the same. To test, I go to a forum I was banned from a year ago because...troll. :D I had registered, made 2 comments, then didn't go back for a long time. This was when my Wife was very sick in ICU for a month. So I go back to the site and register in with different credentials, and it works. So now I know it's my IP Address. I then go to a site "What's My IP Address?". It shows I'm in Albuquerque, and Comcast's name is all over it. I call and tell the girl I need to speak with someone who can answer questions without referring to a book. So I get a tech specialist and he says the dynamic IP Addresses change every 48 hours. I told him mine had been in New Mexico for a week. He said that should not be. It should change, but stay local. In the end, he had no clue how it got that way or how to get it back local. I have never used a VPN. And I may want to keep me in New Mexico. LOL But I would like to know how to change it back to Alabama if I want. I tried reset Network Settings on my Wife's phone but that didn't work. The tech dude said it's not the wifi modem. So, why am I in New Mexico? And how would I get me back to Alabama should I decide to do that?

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