Android Smart Phone Energy Saving Tips


Jun 12, 2012
First, I hope this post will be helpful to you, and it's my own understanding or opinion, if you think something wrong, just discuss it here.

System Optimization Settings

Simply speaking, we need to reduce the background programs to reduce power consumption, these programs include GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi, automatically synchronize and some background data. You should shut off them when your Android Smartphone is in standby mode, then open it when you need to use.

If there is no need to use internet, you can open “setting” – “wireless network settings” - "mobile network", and select the "only use the GSM network” option to reduce your 3G Smartphone power consumption. Another small tip is you can set your display option as “manually”, and adjusting the brightness to minimum in the room which also help to save energy.

Adjust the CPU Frequency

In fact, the Android system has CPU frequency automatically adjusting design to save power, on the situation of not connected to Internet or running any programs, its CPU will run at a lower frequency to save battery power. However, this way still has limitation, if you want to further extend the standby time, you should reduce its frequency manually, especially on some special situations, like you forget your charger. Reducing the CPU frequency is the best way to extend its standby time.

Charge Your Android Smart Phone Correctly

Some people like to charge their Android smart phone only when it’s close to power off, which is incorrect. We don’t need to worry about the battery capacity will be loss if we charge it too much. In addition, we need to pay attention to that when the cell phone battery has been full, we should stop to charge it immediately, because a long period of additional charging will speed up the battery’s loss.

I know many sellers will tell that the first time charging should be last 12 hours, which is actually not true for every Android smart phone. There is a misunderstanding. The lithium battery that we used widely now is different from the nickel-cadmium batteries, for the later one has memory function, so it’s right to charge 12 hours for the first time, but not the same for lithium batteries. It because lithium batteries has already been activated in manufacture, so 12 hours’ charging may result in low voltage, which lead to that it can’t open normally.