Animated GIF keyboard for iOS 8


Dec 7, 2011
Miami, Florida
Popkey is out. I like it, I guess. What I don't like is that it works on a copy/paste model. Sure, you get a "keyboard" full of different GIFs, you tap the one you want, it copies it to the clipboard, then you have to tap wherever you're typing and paste the GIF that you selected. It would be better if it inserted the GIF automatically, as soon as you tap it. As it works right now, in my book, technically, it's not a keyboard, just a palette of GIFs that allows you to copy and paste the one you choose.

Also, when I ran the app for the first time, it asked me for my phone number "to make sure I wasn't a robot." I chose to skip that step. I'll do a CAPTCHA procedure, no problem, but I'm not about to give some random dev my phone number. I'm not gonna risk getting signed up for horoscope texts at $20 a month.