Another found iPhone thread - sort of


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May 5, 2009
About 2 months ago an iPhone was found at the tween store my wife works at. It sat in their "lost and found" junk drawer until today when my wife brought it home to see if we could charge it up and find the owner (no idea why they waited 2 months). The phoen was throwing a SIMM error and had no service but, through some luck with the I-tunes device name being in the phonebook for the town listed in the weather I was actually able to call the previous owner. He's on the west coast we're on the east. He told me the phone went missing 6 months ago when his wife went to New York on a businesss trip.

I told him it still seemed to work even with the craked screen. And asked him for his mailing address to send him his phone. He told me not to bother, said he'd already replaced the phone and had even recently upgraded. Thanked me for the effort in tracking him down but that I could just keep it.

I know that was a bit long winded but I didn't want to post another one of questionable "I found and iPhone now what" posts. Essentially any answers you give aren't helping me to rip anyone off.

I have a Verizon plan through work that my wife is connected to as well. My phone is a Blackberry, hers is a Samsung equivalent. My oldest is 10 and even though she wants me to I'm not activating an iPhone on her behalf.

I am considering giving it to her though as an Ipod touch type which I guess it will continue to operate as without service. Is it that simple? Or is there anything anyone would recommend I do prior to actually using the device. And will I have the full range of functionality (minus the talk/text portions)?

Thanks in advance.
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Aug 2, 2007
You could sell it on ebay and get enough money for a new touch. Then you would not have to deal with a cracked screen. Just an idea to ponder.


Dec 11, 2008
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Apple ^^ is right...won't you get SIM card errors anyway and no use of the ipod?

Just sell it and you should still have plenty of $$ for a Touch.