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Discussion in 'iOS 8' started by acosmichippo, Jun 27, 2014.

  1. acosmichippo

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    Wouldn't it be awesome if we could replace standard ringtones with a prompt from Siri? For example, she could say, "***BEEP BEEP*** Your mom is calling again. Would you like to answer this time?"

    Then you could answer yes or no without even touching your phone. And if you answer no, she could ask if you want to respond with a text message or something. Might not be preferable in public areas, but at home, in a car, or in a private office i think it would be sweet, especially with the new iOS 8 ability to answer calls on Macs and iPads. Speaking of which, when the heck is Siri going to come to mac?

    Star Trek, Apple. think Star Trek. you can do it.
  2. ZR_Yancy

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    That sounds like something they would do with Carplay. I wouldn't mind it just as long as they have the option to disable it.
  3. coop1701

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    I like it.. and if it allow me to dismiss the call by saying, Take a Message or something like that. It would be great.

    Why aren't we running Apple's Development Program...?
  4. MrMike6by9

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    I also wish there'd be a way to access messages once it's been read. For example, "Siri, read the last message from George". Now, it's only able to access the latest message (period) and then only when it's "new".

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