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New Member
Sep 8, 2007
I haven't actually bought this phone yet, but hope to very shortly.
I was wondering if it is possibly to answer and talk on the phone aspect of it without actually having to wear the headphones?
I spent lots of time with an Apple rep, but forgot to ask that question. I would absolutely use the iPod part of it...but am a working mother of 3....the phone will be used more than the music...just wondering if you can use/talk like an actual "phone".
Another quick question...the pricing brochure I received with rates and that all I need to know. Are there any additional or hidden fees for like that.
It looked pretty straight forward, but just wanted to make sure.
Thanks so much in advance for any advice you all could share with me!:laugh2:


New Member
Jul 8, 2007
Celebration FL
are you asking if you can just hold the phone up to your ear like a regular phone then yes

the fees are straight forward the $20 added to the plan is for the email internet... Only thing they add is tax