Any news when iPhone Hits the UK?

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New Member
Nov 1, 2007
Not long!

It's the 9th nov geezer!

I bought one on E-bay cos couldn't wait!

Its exclusive to o2 and this is the deal....

You have to pay o2 £268.00 ish pounds and sign a 18 month contract...

Or you can get on from America and stick your sim card in as long as the phone is unlocked and away you go! Bob's your uncle!

They are a mint phone,i've had some funny looks from some very jealous people! Expect mugging and torture when they are released!:cool:


New Member
Jul 21, 2007
Does ne1 no when this bad boy hits the streets of good ole "London" town?! or if i buy one from the U.S. would it work over here?
Any ideas would be gr8
The fact that you type like a txt monkey explains why you couldn't go to the O2 site to find out. Jesus, it's a message board, not a chatroom.