Any particular reason why...

Jun 27, 2007
The bottom half of my iPhone screen became unresponsive i called 800 my iPhone the rep tried to book me a reservation at the nearest Apple store which is about a 30 minute drive and they were booked so he booked me at the next closest store for tomorrow I didn't want to wait so i called the aventura Apple store they said they would take me u went and they gave me a loaner phone that I have to return they are sending my iPhone out for repair and are going to ship it to me what I don't understand is why they didn't just give me a new iPhone is it because it was after the 14 day return period


New Member
Jul 17, 2007
sounds like the touch screen sensors went bad, as for not giving you a new one right then and there, you are right you are past your 14 day period, because before what they were doing was just exchanging them as defective for a new one